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Everyone wants to know how to win the lottery, but can it really be done?  The lotto is all about probability.  The question is how can you increase your probability of winning above everyone else, right?   The secrets to winning the lottery and learning how to pick lottery numbers has been sought after since the lottery was created.  Everyone awaits their lottery results to see if they are they next Lottery Mega Millions winner, but not many actually spend time researching strategies on how to win the lottery. Be the minority!

Learning how to win the lottery is absolutely no different and if you follow some proven advice, you may just learn how to win the How to Win Mega Millions.


There are statisticians in Canada right now who make millions every single year with zero risk. What would you pay for their advice?

Do you think it would be beneficial have them as mentors?  Think of this this way.  The “99%” are the ones who go out and buy 10mega millions illinois lottery 236x300 How To Win The Lottery tickets randomly every day and hope to win instead of trying to learn how to win the lottery. They have no chance.  If your really interested in learning how to win the lottery, I can be a guide, however I’m no expert. Everything I’ve learned is credited to those life changing lottery strategy guides I’ve read over the years.   Learning how to win the lottery is going to require a bit of research on your part and an excellent strategy guide.  There are multiple formula’s that previous lottery winners have published on the subject, some less credible than others.  I personally have been using Ken Silver’s Winning Lottery system for months now.  This far, it’s been hands down the best strategy system I’ve used to learn how to win the lottery.

Stop right here!  If you want to increase your odds, you need to treat it like any other subject and study, read books, watch tutorials, etc.   Simply buying more tickets is a fools approach.  Spend the money on good lottery strategy guides before buying another ticket!

Busting the Myths

Let’s Debunk the top lottery myths:

  1. A psychic will not help you win. There have been hundreds people who claim to have won with numbers provided by a psychic.   All fine and dandy, but we here at how to win the lottery do no see things so plain-Jane.  Let’s be honest for a second…  How many of the people that go to a Psychic do you think also play the lottery?  I have no statistical proof and pardon me for stereotyping, but I would say the majority. That means. by default, a higher percentage of lottery winners go to Psychics. That’s it.  Plain and simply, it’s just a statical default.  Want more proof? Why be a Psychic for $15 an hour when you can pick winning lottery numbers and makanother psychic lottery win How To Win The Lottery e billions?  Myth debunked.
  2. Don’t use numbers with significant meaning.  Without a proven strategy, the odds of winning the lottery are absolutely horrible.  If you won the lottery by chance, what do you think the odds would be it was based on a number that happen to be significant to you? We are talking in the billions. Even if so, you probably choose something related to a date which is between 1-31.  These are the most saturated numbers, which means winnings decrease dramatically.
  3. Stop trying to win Powerball.  Yes, I know this hurts to hear as much as it hurts me to say it.  The odds of winning the grand prize in Powerball are 1 in 195,249,054.00. In addition, there is very little in the way of statistical calculations that can help you increase those horrible odds.

OK; Now that I’ve probably lost some most my audience, hurt some feelings and sent a couple people to the loony bin, lets get to the good stuff :)  Lets talk about how to win the lottery.

How To Win The Lottery | The Winning Strategy

The truth is if you want to increase your odds and improve your chances, you need to research and invest time.  I could suggest some very heavy reading, but there are faster approaches.  Some of the most helpful tips I’ve ever read came from simple lottery strategy guides like Ken Silver’s.  I’ve probably read over fifty guides and while most provided downright horrible advice and were of no help there are a few that really stood out.  Ken’s book provided me with the most reasonable and approachable strategies I’ve read.  It was easy reading and simple to implement.

You can grab a copy of ken’s how to win the lottery strategy guide here.