Most people don’t realize there are ways to manipulate the California lottery to increase the payout.  In fact, it really doesn’t have much to do with the California lottery at all.  The same principles could be applied to the Texas lottery, Illinois Lottery, Florida lottery or any other lottery. Winning the lottery is not entirely based on luck, as many of  believe; winning the California lottery is an statistics and trend game that can be practiced by following some precise steps.  I’m personally following the words of Ken Silver closely.  He’s a multi-lottery winner who has a statistically proven,  GROUND BREAKING lottery strategy


Here are some very basic starting strategies:

California Lottery | Must Know Tips

California Lottery 300x157 California Lottery | Tips to drastically increase earnings

California Lottery

Don’t pick the numbers in your birthday as lottery numbers. Why?  Because everyone else does. So? So, that means if you do win, you are way more likely to be sharing those winning with a lot of other people.  Just one additional winner can split that nice 3 million in half!  With the amount of people playing the California lottery, this is really a bad idea.


Try to simulate the lottery draw. By placing the numbers, written in paper, in a box, then by drawing six numbers without looking  you will notice that the winning numbers conform to a configuration that is as spread out as possible. You will also realize that no two numbers are close together; usually no two numbers differ by less than 4. Most winning California lottery combinations have spaced out numbers instead of containing numbers clustered together.


Don’t pick combinations that have won already. Just because a combination has won doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a lucky combination and that everyone should choose it. On the contrary, winning combinations are very much less likely to turn up again as winning combinations.


Research for combinations. For instance, you have to research winning combinations in the California lottery so that you will be careful not to choose them. Also, it is important to research for the individual numbers that show up most often so that you’ll raise your chances of winning.  This is just part of the trends tracking you should begin immediately.

Play with more tickets. Obviously, the more tickets you have for the particular California lottery, the greater your chances to win or at least getting some part of the prize pool. Just make sure that your winnings are greater than your expenses. Don’t spend too much in one drawing; spread your chances out over time with the California lottery. Don’t spend too much such that the lottery will be the focus of your finances (obvious, right?), but don’t spend so little that it decreases your odds of winning.

California Lottery Strategies | Our Conclusion

If you want to win the California lottery, you have to believe that it is possible to win. If you think that it is impossible to win through using skill, then you won’t become skilled in selecting the right lottery numbers that will increase your win rate. If you think that winning with skill is possible, then naturally you have to use a systematic approach in selecting your numbers.  I personally use this proven lotto strategy program.  It costs money, yea, but it also makes money too!  I’ve seen a staggering increase in my winnings with this program, so its not to be taken lightly!  Although it may not be right for everyone, it has definitely served me well.  They offers a 56 day no questions, happy or return it refund, so really there is little risk.  Even if you’re spending loose change for your tickets, you can’t afford to be sloppy if there are millions at stake. So go ahead and apply these techniques useful for the California lottery.

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favicon California Lottery | Tips to drastically increase earnings California Lottery | Tips to drastically increase earningsfavicon California Lottery | Tips to drastically increase earnings California Lottery | Tips to drastically increase earnings